Thursday, March 25, 2010


In the past I have written may times about laughter and how it makes a person feel. In my book MAKING HAPPY I wrote about an experience I had while back packing in the Smokey Mountains. I heard this loud, booming voice telling me that I should make people smile everyday of my life and that I would be a 46 short. I'm presently a perfect 44 short but I've accomplished my primary task of daily smiles.

RONNIEISMS actually started because of my often corny quips that became so named. Our  group that meets during the football season and for shows or for just about any event have been getting together every Wednesday night for dinner, for probably 15 years or more. What started with just 2 couples, blossomed into more than twenty people but unfortunately we've lost a few over the years. Originally we tried using our coupon books for restaurants that had two for one offers. We've probably eaten at every restaurant in our immediate neighborhood and many in the greater Kansas City area.

Last night was Chinese and we had 9 in attendance. Besides our conversations concerning the KU loss and the girls mahjong or pan games,  most was small talk. Our friend Lee was fixing her plate when she absentmindedly poured tea into her dish instead of the sweet sauce actually intended. We all became hysterical over her guffaw which led to more and more laughs thru-out the rest of the meal. I saw one of our friends that does not eat chicken devouring a wing and another that does not eat pork, chewing on a rib. "It's not pork" he exclaimed, "it's chinese." That made it OK, I guess.

One of the wonderful things about our group is togetherness. For those of us that have lost a spouse they still have our group. Being alone is not an option for them. We won't allow them to think of being the odd person in the group, except when paying the check.

As we were leaving the restaurant a young lady sitting in the booth behind us called to my wife Norma. She told my wife that it was so nice seeing our group of old people having so much fun and making such a commotion with our laughter. Who is she calling old?

Our kids constantly ask us, "how come you're never home?" I think they believe, because of our age that we should always be home when they call and shouldn't be out running around. I must admit that I spend many hours in my lounge chair glued to the TV, probably more than most people. Could it be that when I see the caller ID, I don't answer?

The one thing we all have in common is FFA. Have a beautiful day.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I took a sleeping pill last night so I could hopefully have a full night's sleep. I was so depressed after KU's loss that I thought I would be up all night replaying the game in my mind, hoping the outcome would be different. I woke up about 9:30 so I guess the pill did its job. But, you know what, I think my depression about the loss is gone. I feel bad for Sherron. I know what this game meant to him being the senior in the group and having a sub par game but what a season. I hope his future is bright and he has the future he envisions.

Everyone in our bracket game had picked KU in the final four and winning it all but life goes on, but without KU. I would love to see Cole and Xavier return for another year, we'll have to wait for their decisions. I think Cole is ready but not Xavier, he needs another year.

As I type this I'm looking out my window at 8" of snow that fell yesterday and you know what? Things look pretty bright, our life goes on. The snow will melt, we'll all return to our daily routines and hope that K-State, Baylor, Mizzou and any other big 12 teams can go forward.

Next week is my Great Grandson Connor's 5th birthday, can't believe how time flies.
Have a great day!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I'm talking about the first day of spring. We woke up to 3" of snow! If this is happening now we'll probably have tornado sirens going off everyday for the next month or so.

The only thing on my mind now is March Madness and my bracket which so far also looks like crap, but so does everyone's. We all still have KU in the finals so every one of their games is important. I'm also cheering for K-State and MU and hope that both go as far as they can, it's great for the Big 12.

My friend Bernard, Mr. Perfectionist, has put together a great spreadsheet for our group, job well done. This past week at our Tuesday morning Smart Mens Breakfast, Sam Gould our local baseball expert, spoke about his experience at the stadium in the early years and his life loving the game and all the personalities he met during those exciting years. I shared seats in the same area on third base with him for many years at Kaufman Stadium.

My grandson Brad and his family are in Chicago and had dinner with my sister and her husband Tom. I wish that the whole family, what's left of us, could get to see them and squeeze my Great Grandson Connor with an Elkin Family hug .None of the Chicago clan have met Brad, his wife Tanya or their daughter Alycia, maybe some day.

Hopefully the snow will be gone by Monday. The street crews have done a great job, they're to be commended. Traffic is moving smoothley and I haven't heard of any major accidents.

I worked out for about an hour this morning and it was actually invigorating walking through the ice and snow with a slight wind in my face as I returned to our apartment. I was still sweating slightly so the cold air felt good. Reminded me of my youth when I had to walk 4 miles to school with snow over my head. Oh, such wonderful memories.

I'm sure our friend in Singer Island really feels bad for us. Enjoy it while you can. Until next time, stay well.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


How can I explain what happened this morning without being too explicit.  We'll be married 26 years this June and this morning we shared a fantastic experience. I must say, the first, in all of our years of marriage. I've written before about the love I have for my wife but this morning she showed me something new. I've known about it for years but never thought she would share it with me.

I really doubt that she shared it with her first husband so I will cherish this experience even that much more. I hope my friends that read this blog will have the chance to experience the closeness, the intimacy, the sheer warmth of this beautiful togetherness.

She showed me how to enjoy 38 loving, touching, creative moves using just our fingers. We very carefully caressed and carefully folded the BLINTZES.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


We're back, safe and sound after an awesome holiday in Florida hosted by our good friend the former Ms. Cruel, Irene. Talk about a hostess with the mostest, she's it. She is the most giving, careing person, great friend (paid commercial) you could have. She is also the perfect travel planner. She has scouted and plotted every outlet mall, flea market and Bealls store in the state, and we hit them all. I must admit that I'm not into shopping BUT I picked up some great buys. How can you pass up 75% off? One thing I noticed though when unpacking, I must have a liking for orange. I have eight new BRIGHT orange T-shirts along with my other rather bright spring colors.

I drove about 1500 miles during my two week stay driving to the different restaurants she recommended, making a great trip to St. Augustine where we regained our youth at the famous fountain and our day trips. I spent an evening with an old Roosevelt High School buddy Marshall, who lives in Florida. Unfortunately the restaurant we ate at was grossley over priced with just average food. But spending those few hours together was great and I look forward to seeing him again on my next trip, whenever that may be. I also had a chance to speak with probably my oldest friend Harry as I drove through Atlanta. Maybe next time time we can see each other.

The six of us Irene, Milton, Carole, Bernard, Norma and yours truly got along so well that there must be something wrong with us. Have you ever heard of six adults living together for a couple of weeks, not having one argument or even minor disagreements. Well maybe, while playing shanghai or dominoes someone may have raised their voice, but it could have been due to hearing problems.

Even though the weather was not as expected we still had it better than what we left in Kansas City. I had a few great days lying on her patio with my ear plugs listening to music while enjoying the sun or walking on the beach watching the fishermen netting their catches of mackerel, or standing on the balcony watching the schools of sharks swimming not ten feet from shore. It was the kind of vacation you wish you could share with your family and friends. And now we've added four new friends to our family.

Now we're back to reality and back to work. They say that a vacation is a time to recharge your batteries and I believe I've done that. The drive to Singer Island isn't that bad if you can share it with another driver such as Bernard, my MU friend (too bad about losing such a close game). We kid each other quite a bit but he's a good sport in spite of his choice. Would we make the trip again with the same people, you bet we would. When you can laugh and have a good time every day, what more could you ask.