Thursday, December 3, 2015


It seems like just a month or so ago that we were celebrating New Year 2015.

But here we are a month away from a new year, cooler weather and hopefully a good end of the year in the car business. I've had many clients make plans for end of the year purchases, I just keep calling to remind them.

We're still having massive discounts on the remaining 2015 models i.e.; Camrys, Corollas, Rav4s, Avalons and Prius'. Sorry for the commercial but Mr. Hendrick made me do it.

My niece Jill Soloways show Transparent, on the Amazon network starts it's second season this coming week. Jill is in Germany this week promoting her show.

With all the diversity in my family, we'll be celebrating all the holidays this month. Our table is now the United Nations and it's wonderful. Our grandchildren and great grandchildren are truly experiencing a family of different religions but one God.

The only negative is that my Grandson Brad and his family are in the Chicago area and we don't see them enough. My sister is also now in Chicago but does try to spend as much time with her daughters Faith and Jill.

We're still planning on moving to our new apartment in the Sorrento complex as soon as our new place is ready for occupancy, hopefully before the first of the year.

My life revolves around my work, my family and the sports seasons. Congratulations to the Royals for a fantastic year and maybe the Chiefs can finish strong but now my Jayhawks will take over my
Ybeing, so far they look awfully good.

I'm now in the middle of my 4th year in the car business and my referrals and return customers are coming in asking for me. Most people believe that car salesmen are the devil and hate purchasing a car but those that know me know of my ethics. I will do anything I can to make sure that my clients get a good, good,good deal and I will do anything that's not illegal or immoral to help them although the immoral is negotiable. Kidding, just had to throw that last bit in.

Be sure to check one of the boxes below after reading and have a healthy and happy holiday. Also don't forget, my memoir "Making Happy" is now available on Kindle but if you want an autographed copy, call or email me at "

My father Irv in the 40s, notice the resemblance.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


As the years go bye and you find yourself repeating many times "Where have the years gone?"
People are constantly asking me the same question "Why are you still working at your age?"

My answer is always the same, "I enjoy what I do," I remember my Father telling me when I was a child to always enjoy my job, treat it as your own business and NEVER burn your bridges.

I must admit though, some mornings are becoming a little tougher to get out of bed with the vigor of my youth. As I've mentioned in the past, my mind and body are two totally different entities. My mind keeps telling me that I can do the things I've done all my life but when I try, it's become almost impossible to do the simplest of activities. I swear my mind is only 65 but my body is my actual age of 80. 

My mind tells me to bend over and tie my shoes, easy right, not anymore. I hear myself thinking that I can run since it's starting to rain, no way, all that moves is the mind, feet don't want to follow.

The only actual exercise I get is walking the lot, that I do in short spurts, 20 feet then rest. So with all this bitching, why do I still enjoy my job, why do I look forward to going to work. Naturally the money is a nice part but my honey keeps reminding me that she married me for love, not lunch.

A few weeks ago I received a call from my doctor, which was a shock, he never calls. "Is there something wrong I asked?" "No, he said, your tests came back and I had to tell you how proud I am that you're taking such good care of yourself, whatever you're doing, keep it up." I asked him if all my numbers are so good, why do I hurt so much. "Because you're 80 years old, that's why," he answered with a chuckle.

I'm very lucky to have many clients that enjoy working with me, we have a good time together, some buy and others do not, but we do have a good time and most that do not buy, do come back or recommend me to their friends.

I'm always asked, "why are you always smiling?" my pat answer is, because I woke up, read the obituaries and my name wasn't listed, so I shaved and came to work.  So, keep on smiling and come and buy a car.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


This has been a tough week. I've lost two friends this week, both to Cancer. My friend Angelo lost his battle this week, his funeral was Wednesday. Angelo was my age, had a wonderful life and a great family. I'm glad that he's out of pain and may he rest in peace.

My friend Sue passed away this week after fighting a return of her Cancer. Sue and her husband Dave were close friends that spent a lot of time with Norma and me. We took trips together to Florida, Hawaii and day trips on weekends. We also spent time at their great lake house in the Ozarks where they invited our group for some great times. After Dave passed away Sue remained with our group for our Wednesday night dinners and our AK football group. She too will be missed but she is back with her wonderful husband Dave.

Work has been hectic as usual but my hours are starting to come down and hopefully soon my average should be closer to 45 rather than 50 hours a week. So all of you that read these blogs, please consider me for your next automobile purchase or recommend me to someone you know that's in the market.

I still enjoy coming to work and meeting new people everyday. For me, that's the most exciting part of this job. I seem to have a good time with my clients even if they don't buy from me. The sad part is that those people that end up buying elsewhere feel like they have to write and thank me, but they bought elsewhere. Not much I can do but congratulate them on their purchase and maybe next time they'll purchase from me.

Last month was a good sales month for me and this month has started out strong, I just have to maintain and keep a smile on my face. One of my good friends, a young lady that is extremely talented (also an author or soon will be) left our company, trying to find herself. I'm sure she will. I wish her the best and hope that she will get rid of her negatives and become more positive.

My memoir "Making Happy" is now an Amazon Kindle book that has finally being read by a larger audience and my new book, a work of fiction should be finished in the next few months. Writing is a great way for me to express myself in a different format and hopefully, when finished I can get it published.

My niece Jill Soloway has started filming her second season of her Amazon show "Transparent" and has also been rewarded by Amazon, to do a third season, what a talent. Jill's sister Faith is also involved with the show as a writer. To think that they started out together doing a parody of the Real Life Brady Bunch at the Annoyance Theater in Chicago also starring Jane Lynch, their good friend and yes I did appear on stage for one of their shows, had four lines and messed those up, but it was fun.

My sister Elaine, the original wandering Jew is moving back to Chicago. I wish her much happiness in this next move.

My KU Jayhawks have been playing and winning in South Korea and to watch these physical games, they should be able to handle all comers this season. And what can I say about the Kansas City Royals, they seem to find ways to win and stay ahead in their division. Sporting KC, our soccer team is also doing great, what a great time for sports in Kansas City.

Until next time, keep smiling and stay well.

Ron or Ronnie or Ronald, call me what you wish but call me.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


This weekend is my 80th birthday and I've always been know as Ronnie. I think the name Ronnie is for a younger person.  I believe Ronald would be more fitting. I really don't remember anyone ever calling me by that name, it's always been Ron, Ronnie or Rapid, from the speed shop days.

 Even though I look younger (Mom's genes) than my actual age, I always manage to smile and thank people when they exclaim, "Oh my God, you don't look your age, I thought you were about 60." By introducing myself as Ronald they may think older than younger. Yes, you're right, who am I kidding, I love every minute when people tell me how good I look.

I remember the time about 35 years ago when I had just finished shaving and checking my punim (face) in the mirror and took a second look. "Who is that good looking guy staring back at me?" He has a great tan, and you could see some pecs on his chest. For someone who never thought that he was anything but plain looking, he was looking at a tanned, toned body. Still short but you can't have everything.

That morning changed the way I thought of myself. Not the old way, short, fat and ugly and his mother dressed him funny. I was reborn, a new man, I could do anything I started out to do and do it well. I could look at a women and have no fear of her puking at the site of me. But, still short.

So, what do I do with this new person? I was living and working in Hawaii at the time and I awoke every morning at 4am to start my 20 hour day.  So, what did I do, I got out of bed and went to work as usual, and believe it or not, I still enjoyed every day to the fullest, I was living the dream.

I'll have to get used to my wife calling me Ronald, which she has never done. All my friends and relatives will have to get used to my new name. As I repeat it a few times, I already feel older. I'll check the mirror next Monday morning to see if I do indeed look any older, probably not.

I just looked at my name plate that I've worn for these last four years and it says Ronald. It will be like my wife who did not have to change her last name almost 31 years ago, my name plate will stay the same.

                                                                              Today   1954                                                                                                          

                                  haven't changed much, have I?

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Tomorrow is a day of sorrow and happiness. An old friend, my age, passed away this week and his funeral is tomorrow. I'm sure that many of our mutual friends will be there and as we try to find familiar faces it reminds us of our ages and who among us will be next.

I had my conversations many years ago with the almighty and I told the voice that spoke to me, I was ready to go when he wanted me since I have lived a pretty wonderful life that's been full of adventure and excitement. 

I'm still here 30 years later and HE chose to enrich my life with Norma and my extended family. We all go through times of struggle and work to make it better as we go about our daily routines.

I've been luckier than most my age because I'm able to go to work everyday and more often than not, come home with a happy look on my face because I've made some people smile, whether they purchased a car from me or not.

Twice this week I've had people that purchased, thank me for making the buying experience much nicer than they had anticipated. They enjoyed being with me and had a wonderful experience during the buying process and the best part was the hug I received from the wives.

The sun is out and the weather is predicted to be in the 70's so hopefully everybody coming in will be in a buying mode.

The happy feeling for tomorrow is the Baptism of my tenth great grand child Luke, Kelly and Tyler Dryden's child. 

The day starts out on a sad note and the cycle of life continues with our new born.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy day. Be sure to tell all your relatives and friends that you know someone that sells cars, all referrals are appreciated.  Ron

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


March is gone and April starts the next quarter. Recapping last month, probably the most important event was the birth of our 10th Great Grand Child, Luke James, to Kelly and Tyler Dryden.

My memoir "MAKING HAPPY" became available on Amazon Kindle and the response has been amazing. I'm still working on my second book "THE NEBBISH", should finish soon.

Connor , my first Great Grandchild had his 10th birthday in March, shown here holding his new brother Isaac, now a year old. The family keeps growing and getting older so fast that it's
hard to keep up with all the birthdays, thank G-d for Norma, she remembers everyone's birthday.

One of my good friends and managers, Brad Pointer has left the company for a position with another brand and I wish him the best. He was a large part of helping make me a better salesperson, even when we dis-agreed, he at least, listened.

March was also a great month for the dealership, we came in first in our city for sales in both New and Used cars. Toyota, a great brand. I'm still enjoying working although I am cutting down my hours, my old body isn't holding up like my brain says it should. 

The weather has finally started to warm up which makes it nicer to be outside and greet our clients when they drive up. They appreciate that we open the doors for them and offer a drink or popcorn. Our store is probably the largest in the area and is kept in immaculate shape. In June, we'll be in this building 3 years and I'll celebrate my fourth anniversary with Hendrick.

Next month, I celebrate another milestone, at least for me, my 80th birthday. I'm lucky that my brain doesn't let me behave my age. I'm still the jokester that enjoys my job and meeting new people everyday. I'll probably stop when it isn't fun going to work. The toughest time of day is trying to roll out of bed without making a sound. When Normie and I get up at the same time we have double oys (groans) in stereo. After reading the paper and checking the obituaries for my name and not seeing it, I can then shave.

Our Wednesday night dinner group is still meeting almost every week  even tho our group has gone from 20 to about 12 over the years due to the deaths of our friends who are really missed. There is not much else happening so I'll say Shaloha for now. Keep smiling.....  RON

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Returned to work after two weeks at the beautiful home of the former MS CRUEL, Irene Goodman. A beautiful condo on singer Island overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Waking each morning to a gorgeous sunrise and views of the ocean below with fish swimming just off shore, including a few small sharks.

Did practically nada, nothing but sit outside and finish reading three James Patterson novels while trying to absorb some Vitamin D into this old body. The weather was in the 70s and a little breezy on the 14th floor but there's nothing like it.

As usual, we ate at many fine restaurants as if the Russians were in the suburbs. The best delicatessens outside of New York or Chicago. The good news is that everything was delicious, the bad news, I gained 6 pounds.

Today I'm back to reality and freezing weather, too bad I couldn't have brought Florida temperatures back with me.

Last night we celebrated my Grandaughter Kylie's 16th birthday, proving once again that time is moving more rapidly every year. Next week I celebrate my Daughter Ilene's birthday. She was born a week or so after my Dad passed away at the age of 48, fifty seven years ago.

I'm sure that any or all of you that are on Facebook have heard about my Niece, Jill Soloway and her success at the Golden Globes, winning for her Amazon show TRANSPARENT and best actor Jeffrey Tambor and since then a Directors Guild Award. My sis moved to LA at the right time to also enjoy all the applause that her daughters are getting through the show's success.

I was fortunate enough to also catch a few of the KU Basketball games being shown on National TV, what more could I ask for? Winning POWERBALL Jackpot would be nice.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


I'm so excited, my memoir "MAKING HAPPY" is available on Amazon Kindle as an E book for only $3.99. What did you think I meant?

I originally had it published in June of 2009 and was like a parent watching his first child being born, although a different kind of excitement. I've received 3 small checks from Amazon over the years so you can see it's not a best seller and probably never will be.

I've gotten some pretty good reviews and one negative from a person I left out. He calls it self serving (it's a memoir) crap. Who else would it be about? He denied that he wrote it but a friend told me who it was.

I'm sure that many people that read it will not care for some of the content but what can I say, I wrote about those 10 unbelievable years and all of the good and bad experiences  that happened during that journey.

The book is not professionally edited so there are a few misprints, just a few, but not too bad.

I'm about half finished with my second book. It is fiction and hopefully I'll have it done soon, G-d willing. The title as of now is THE NEBBISH but may be changed by the time it's published. The fun in writing this book are the characters I've included from people I know by slightly changing their name or description but easily recognized as who they are.

I'm getting ready to leave on my yearly battery charging vacation in Florida at our friend Irene's absolutely beautiful condo overlooking the deep blue sea.

This Satuday, Jan. 24th, Amazon is offering a FREE day for anyone logging in to watch my niece Jill's show titled TRANSPARENT, check it out.

Until next time, please smile for me.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


My niece, Jill Soloway, my sister Elaine's daughter and Jill's sister Faith, I'm including all in their immediate clan, and the girl's MaPa have just won the Golden Globes for their comedy*** TRANSPARENT.

Jeffrey Tambor the actor that plays Maura also won for best actor. Two out of two isn't too shabby. When the winners were announced, the decibel level in our apartment beat the Guiness Record for noise level, I'm certain. 

Between our happy smiles and tears of joy we clapped and shouted. We were and still are overcome with joy. Not only for Jill but also my Sis Elaine and Faith, who is also a part of the show including writing and directing.

A funny thing just happened a few moments ago here at the dealership. I received a call from one of my clients to make an oil change appointment. She asked me about my knee since she purchased her car during my knee problems. Since I've been receiving all these calls about my niece I thought that's what she said and went into a complete rundown of the Golden Globes. 

Her response was a very subtle "that's nice" like what in the hell is he talking about. I then realized that she said knees not niece and explained my response. We both laughed about it.

I guess, I do have to have my hearing checked.

The plaudits for her show have been coming from all over the nation. I believe that if she wasn't already on the yellow brick road to stardom, she surely will be very soon. I can go on and on about everything she's been involved with over the past few years but you can Google her life story.

If you can get Amazon on your TV you can watch free for 30 days and check out her show. It's not for kids so make sure you watch after they've gone to bed.

The bitter cold we're experiencing is playing a major part on our daily numbers of clients shopping for cars. The weekends are still a little crazy but we need a few warmer days to get the people out of their comfortable homes.

Since gas prices have come down our Prius sales have really slowed. This is really a good time for people to come in for a Hybrid before the gas prices go back up, we're moving the metal.

Don't forget to mention me to anyone needing a vehicle, new or used.
*** Serious subject matter

Tuesday, January 6, 2015