Sunday, February 12, 2012


Yesterday was my grandaughter Kylie's Bat Mitzvah. It takes place at the age of 13 when a girl becomes a woman and as a boy becomes a man at his Bar Mitzvah, also around the 13th Birthday. Kylie was terrific, she sailed through her Torah portion with ease and clarity, making her family extremely proud of the work she had done during the previous months.

The day was also a time of togetherness. Most of the family was there to celebrate the occasion and share in the moment. Those that were given an aliyah (honor)to participate were also very good in accomplishing their assigned tasks.

We saw family that we hadn't seen in awhile and old friends that came to share our joyous occasion. We also missed those relatives and friends that couldn't come
due to illness, but all in all it was a wonderful time.

As is modern custom, a party is given that evening so the Bat Mitzvah can share her evening with a hundred or so of her friends and family. This party starts out with the girls all standing together and the same for
the boys. It was the same when I was that age and I'm
sure for most of you that are reading this. Though the parties back then were not this elaborate.

The adults all stood around screaming at each other so they could be heard over the music and the screaming of the kids. It was fun watching the packs of youngsters running here and there trying to avoid speaking with the opposite sex. When the DJ finally played some of their requested music, they all started jumping and swaying, but not touching, g-d forbid they should touch.

In vain, I tried to get the girls to pick out  a boy and the same with the young men. The girls shrieked and the boys all answered with the same "But they're taller than us", as it was in my day. I tried to explain to the boys that dancing with a taller girl could be fun, no explanation neccessary.

The room was decorated in a white winter theme and most attendees wore outfits basically white. The placards showing your table assignments were sno globes, really a classy effect. Our creative son David outdid himself.

It was a great evening, enjoyed by all.

Monday morning I arrived back to work full of enthusiasm after being off for two weeks sure of the fact that I could become that salesman that I knew I would be. I was warmly welcomed back by my friends  who told me I was missed, they had gone for 2 weeks without a story. While I was gone the weather in KC was great, I return and so does winter, I know, I'm sure it's my fault. It's funny though, when you sell a car,it warms up and my feet don't hurt.

During my vacation I finished reading a training book and started reading a few of the chapters a second and third time, specifically on closing. I thought I had it down pat, ready to put it into use. The way to keep people from leaving is to lock your office door.