Tuesday, May 12, 2015


This weekend is my 80th birthday and I've always been know as Ronnie. I think the name Ronnie is for a younger person.  I believe Ronald would be more fitting. I really don't remember anyone ever calling me by that name, it's always been Ron, Ronnie or Rapid, from the speed shop days.

 Even though I look younger (Mom's genes) than my actual age, I always manage to smile and thank people when they exclaim, "Oh my God, you don't look your age, I thought you were about 60." By introducing myself as Ronald they may think older than younger. Yes, you're right, who am I kidding, I love every minute when people tell me how good I look.

I remember the time about 35 years ago when I had just finished shaving and checking my punim (face) in the mirror and took a second look. "Who is that good looking guy staring back at me?" He has a great tan, and you could see some pecs on his chest. For someone who never thought that he was anything but plain looking, he was looking at a tanned, toned body. Still short but you can't have everything.

That morning changed the way I thought of myself. Not the old way, short, fat and ugly and his mother dressed him funny. I was reborn, a new man, I could do anything I started out to do and do it well. I could look at a women and have no fear of her puking at the site of me. But, still short.

So, what do I do with this new person? I was living and working in Hawaii at the time and I awoke every morning at 4am to start my 20 hour day.  So, what did I do, I got out of bed and went to work as usual, and believe it or not, I still enjoyed every day to the fullest, I was living the dream.

I'll have to get used to my wife calling me Ronald, which she has never done. All my friends and relatives will have to get used to my new name. As I repeat it a few times, I already feel older. I'll check the mirror next Monday morning to see if I do indeed look any older, probably not.

I just looked at my name plate that I've worn for these last four years and it says Ronald. It will be like my wife who did not have to change her last name almost 31 years ago, my name plate will stay the same.

                                                                              Today   1954                                                                                                          

                                  haven't changed much, have I?