Monday, September 27, 2010


Yes, every Sunday. For well over 50 years I've enjoyed my Sunday mornings because of my habit. No, I don't go for a 50 mile bike ride, although I do ride 11.5 miles on my stationary bike.

This is something that started way back when I was a youth growing up in Chicago. Actually it started in my parents grocery store. It was a little harder to accomplish during my two years of service in the Army but being stationed at Schofield Barracks on Oahu I found a way to indulge myself.

During  18 years of marriage to my son and daughter's mother I continued my obsession. After my divorce, the ten years of single life made it much easier to find a place on Sundays to fullfill my needs.

Now, being married for over 26 years to the most understanding wife in the world, she has allowed me to continue doing what others may see as a sickness.
I don't see it that way. Some people gamble, indulge in sports or simply do obscene things too horrible to mention.

Most of you that know me have already figured out of what I'm speaking about.

I MUST HAVE  LOX AND BAGELS TO START MY WEEK... Yes I'm addicted, I confess. However, I have just found a smaller bagel that's less than 1/2 the calories of a regular size. It's the same in width but smaller in height and weight. It toasts great. I smother my bagel with cream cheese, a slice of tomatoe covering the whole width, a slice of red onion, the same size and cover it with a slice of swiss or muenster cheese. I usually make two halves since it takes longer to consume and the rest of my Sunday is that much greater. So, to those of you that might wake up on Sunday feeling depressed, you know what to do. The extra slice shown is because it was the end of the package.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I'm talking about service. It's one of those things that seldom happens but when it does, it should be mentioned.  The other night, five of us went to dinner at THE OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE at the Oak Park Mall. I hadn't been there for many years because it seemed that we always arrived at the time with the longest wait. Thirty minutes I can handle but anymore, I go elsewhere. It's not like Overland Park is lacking in restaurants.

We arrived around 6pm and were seated immediately. Our waiter Richie or Richard came over to take our drink order. He's a tall kid with a chest full of medals from around the world, at least 40 or 50 and a great personality. Two in our party ordered sirloin steaks rare plus. I think that means, not quite moving but still oozing. When the orders arrived we all started to enjoy our meals, all except one of our group whose steak was more than a little overdone but OK enough to eat. Richie came by to see if everything was satifactory and when he was told about the one steak not being right, he offered to replace it. "No it's OK, I'll eat it this way" was her response. 

Normally you would think that would be it. He would forget about it and go about his business, But Lo and Behold, 2 minutes later the manager Turner Friedman comes over and insists that the steak be replaced. After a few minutes of cajoling she says OK and he takes the steak to replace with another. A few minutes later he returns with the replacement steak and apologizes for the error, which is readily accepted, but and here's the big BUT, it's still not right, in fact, this one never saw a flame. He's frustrated and embarrassed, again offering more apologies but insists that they get it right this time. He takes the second dish back to the kitchen and I can just imagine what he's telling the cook. After all it's a steak house, they should know how to cook a steak, in fact all of our other orders were perfect and very tasty.

He returns this time with another steak, waits until she tries it and then thanks her (who through all this has remained friendly and not at all perturbed) for being so nice and understanding. Her steak was perfect but she ended up with two potatoes which she took home.

A thank you to our waiter Ritchie, who did not just let it go, but told his manager Turner who had to make sure that all was perfect, I give a big 5 belches, my highest award for a restaurant. If you want a steak, done right, try OUTBACK at the OAK PARK MALL.

After dinner my friends, one of whom had the two potatoes, and her gentleman went home for a little S&M***.

***spite & malice, what did you think I meant? But who knows what goes on behind closed doors.