Wednesday, May 8, 2013


    There are many places in the greater Kansas City area to purchase a vehicle. I'm fortunate to be working for Hendrick Toyota of Merriam, Ks. part of the Hendrick Motor Sports group. Our owner Rick Hendricks is a great owner with unbelievably strong ethics. Treat your customer like you would want to be treated.

    We're not always the cheapest but we are the most competitive. Considering everything we offer with our new cars including Nationwide Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty and Toyota Care. On most of our used Toyotas we have our Certified Warranties. These warranties are sometimes overlooked but it is something every buyer should be aware of, we give more bang for the buck.

    All of the salespeople work together as a team whether it's new or used, we can all help you. If we're busy when you come in, one of the other sales people will gladly jump in to help out.

   Even those clients that have had slight credit problems and have low scores receive the same service as those with scores over 800.

   I'm fairly certain that we probably have the largest inventory of both New and Used cars in the whole state and beyond. If we don't have what you are looking for. we'll find it and get it in here.

    I actually started writing this as a short piece but once I got into it I couldn't resist our Hendrick commercial.

   My past "Ronnie's Speed Shop" business is becoming a conversation with my customers once they sit at my desk and see the old photos and my T shirt which has become a VINTAGE shirt. Would you believe I've been away from that business since the middle 70s and people come bye just to purchase a shirt, unbelievable.

    I still make an attempt to recognize different accents and do a pretty decent job of saying "Hello, Thank You and Goodbye" in about 15 languages. it may not always be right but it almost always creates a smile. It also eases any tensions there might be between us.

    As the Almighty told me many years ago, "Try to make people smile everyday of my life" and I have heeded his command and not only try but actually deliver. Watching a person smile after something I've said, makes my day. If they should also purchase a car, it makes a better day.

    I love working with happy people, it makes my day a lot more fun and at my age, everyday I'm upright is fun.

    In a few weeks my grandson and his wife are expecting their third child and my 7th great grandson. We're also celebrating his 34th and my 78th birthday. Thank goodness my mental and physical age do not co-inside. I feel my age but refuse to act like an old man. I believe I'm blessed that I'm still able to work. I'm moving a little slower these days, but I'm still moving.

   After receiving shots in my back and knee this bionic old fart continues to move. After visiting my 3 main Doctors recently they all said "Keep doing what you're doing" if I could only remember what I'm doing.

    It has to be the problem with my internal CD Rom. I can remember what I did with my Dad over 60 years ago at a particular sporting event but ask me what I had for lunch and it might take awhile.

   My manager just walked bye and asked what I was doing so I guess I better get back to work, till next time.   Ron