Sunday, February 20, 2011


The title may be a bit deceiving but as you read on you will see why I chose it.

First of all, our vacation is coming to a close after two beautiful weeks at our friend's gorgeous condo in Singer Island Fl. It's about 1500 miles from K.C. and approximately 2 1/2 days driving, especially if we have to stop along the way to see a KU game, which we'll do again tomorrow night as we start our trip north.

Eat, shop, play shanghai or dominos and repeat it daily. I've been exercising every morning  since I've been here, to offset the daily calorie intake I've been forced to injest.

The deli's here are second to none and much better than KC, since we have NONE back home. Do you think it's possible to have too much pastrami, corned beef or chopped liver. I think I've hit that plateau. However, tonight we're going to TOOJAYS for dinner.

The girls have done their fair share of adding to the Florida economy by visiting FESTIVAL, CARVIVAL, STUART, all flea markets and doing more than their part at BEALLS and BEALLS and more BEALLS a daily occurence. I've also taken part since you can't beat the deals at BEALLS.

Now comes the part about the title of this blog. One of my male companions is into (as I call them) gym shoes. He wears them a lot so he goes through them as much as a pro basketball player. He decided (the first) that he wanted a pair of the new Sketchers, you know, the ones that have the curved sole that is supposed to change your posture, you're foot comfort, your sex life and increase your height  (just your height) by two inches. I'm always afraid that I'll fall flat on my face if I tried them.

When he tried them on he said they felt great. When we returned to the condo he decided that he needed a slightly different length or width. The next day we returned to BEALLS to exchange his shoes. To cut the story a little shorter, it took five trips for him to decide to keep the same style that he was presently
wearing. I really believe that he loves shopping, but remains a little undecided.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

THE BLIZZARD OF OZ (not my original)

Twelve inches of snow and a Midwest blizzard. Looking out I watched the snow pile up as it blew against my front door . Before going to bed last night I looked out to find two feet of snow accumulating.

 I was going to walk down to the fitness center at our apartment complex but the snow was coming pretty fast and the driveway was slick. I decided to drive the 50 or so feet instead of walking and possibly risking a fall. Not worth taking a chance since Saturday was our departure date for the south.

As I entered the gym as I call it, I noticed that the other 5 participants were all women. I guess the hardy guys couldn't brave the weather enough to work out. After sweating for an hour and 10 minutes I walked out to find six inches of snow on my windshield. It took about 5 minutes for the defrosters to work enough to give me an almost clear window. Went home to spend the day with my wife watching the falling snow. These days it was one of our more exciting times.

Last week we had dinner at a fairly new restaurant on 135th between Nall and Roe called 77 South. It's next door to Bonefish and features a small but very decent menu that is priced decently and features nice size servings. I gave it five belches, which is my highest mark for service, quantity ambience and quality. I met Mike Howell one of the partners who offered us discount cards for their Sunday Brunch. Buy one and get second one free. The menu looked good to me since it offered lox and bagels, my Sunday morning neccesity. We'll have to try it when we return from vacation. You may have to ask for the brunch card, it's quite a savings.

The sun is out this morning and everything is so bright as the snow reflects it's glow. I wish I had a sled. Getting onto the sled would be no problem but I would need two men and a forklift to get me up. The kids should have a few days of fun before returning to school.

I hope I'll have a chance to get my van washed before we leave, it's caked with dirt thick enough to hide it's color. Have a great day and try to smile.