Thursday, January 22, 2015


I'm so excited, my memoir "MAKING HAPPY" is available on Amazon Kindle as an E book for only $3.99. What did you think I meant?

I originally had it published in June of 2009 and was like a parent watching his first child being born, although a different kind of excitement. I've received 3 small checks from Amazon over the years so you can see it's not a best seller and probably never will be.

I've gotten some pretty good reviews and one negative from a person I left out. He calls it self serving (it's a memoir) crap. Who else would it be about? He denied that he wrote it but a friend told me who it was.

I'm sure that many people that read it will not care for some of the content but what can I say, I wrote about those 10 unbelievable years and all of the good and bad experiences  that happened during that journey.

The book is not professionally edited so there are a few misprints, just a few, but not too bad.

I'm about half finished with my second book. It is fiction and hopefully I'll have it done soon, G-d willing. The title as of now is THE NEBBISH but may be changed by the time it's published. The fun in writing this book are the characters I've included from people I know by slightly changing their name or description but easily recognized as who they are.

I'm getting ready to leave on my yearly battery charging vacation in Florida at our friend Irene's absolutely beautiful condo overlooking the deep blue sea.

This Satuday, Jan. 24th, Amazon is offering a FREE day for anyone logging in to watch my niece Jill's show titled TRANSPARENT, check it out.

Until next time, please smile for me.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


My niece, Jill Soloway, my sister Elaine's daughter and Jill's sister Faith, I'm including all in their immediate clan, and the girl's MaPa have just won the Golden Globes for their comedy*** TRANSPARENT.

Jeffrey Tambor the actor that plays Maura also won for best actor. Two out of two isn't too shabby. When the winners were announced, the decibel level in our apartment beat the Guiness Record for noise level, I'm certain. 

Between our happy smiles and tears of joy we clapped and shouted. We were and still are overcome with joy. Not only for Jill but also my Sis Elaine and Faith, who is also a part of the show including writing and directing.

A funny thing just happened a few moments ago here at the dealership. I received a call from one of my clients to make an oil change appointment. She asked me about my knee since she purchased her car during my knee problems. Since I've been receiving all these calls about my niece I thought that's what she said and went into a complete rundown of the Golden Globes. 

Her response was a very subtle "that's nice" like what in the hell is he talking about. I then realized that she said knees not niece and explained my response. We both laughed about it.

I guess, I do have to have my hearing checked.

The plaudits for her show have been coming from all over the nation. I believe that if she wasn't already on the yellow brick road to stardom, she surely will be very soon. I can go on and on about everything she's been involved with over the past few years but you can Google her life story.

If you can get Amazon on your TV you can watch free for 30 days and check out her show. It's not for kids so make sure you watch after they've gone to bed.

The bitter cold we're experiencing is playing a major part on our daily numbers of clients shopping for cars. The weekends are still a little crazy but we need a few warmer days to get the people out of their comfortable homes.

Since gas prices have come down our Prius sales have really slowed. This is really a good time for people to come in for a Hybrid before the gas prices go back up, we're moving the metal.

Don't forget to mention me to anyone needing a vehicle, new or used.
*** Serious subject matter

Tuesday, January 6, 2015