Thursday, July 5, 2012


Two of my Doctors recently told me, "Ron, whatever you're doing, keep it up". I'm sure they meant the work not the other meaning.

Most of my non Jewish readers will ask "Vos is dos?", or actually, "what does that mean?"  My friends call me that because of the many hours I work (average of 50 a week) selling cars. It means a little nuts but not quite crazy.

I've always been described as a workaholic and maybe the description is a valid one. I believe my work ethic came from my Dad. Our family owned a small neighborhood grocery during the war years (WWII) in Chicago. I would open the store early to allow the milk and bread man in to replenish their stock. When they were finished, around 7am I would go back  to our apartment above the store, have breakfast and head to school.

After school I would work at the store until closing time. On Sundays I would accompany my Dad to the famed Maxwell St. to rent a card table and sell whatever the market master would give us. I honestly believe that those Sundays on Maxwell St. were the beginning of my sales training. We never sold the same item twice, no matter what we offered, we worked together, had fun together and split whatever profit we made. One day we  might be selling softballs, or sweaters that were blems or seconds, or leather jackets, watches, etc, we never knew what it would be until we got there. If a person stopped at our table we sold him something, regardless of price. At that time if we cleared $10.00 each, it was a good day.

Maxwell St. in the early days
During my high school years, after the war, I worked at a hot dog stand until midnight seven days a week. The owner paid us in cash so I always had enough to buy whatever I needed or wanted, I never had to ask my parents for money.

After my army discharge, working at the auto parts store, it too was a 7 day work week and when I started Ronnie's Speed Shop the hours became longer. I complained about the long hours but I knew what it took to be the best, put in your time to collect your dime (just made that up).

When I moved to Hawaii and opened my photo business I worked 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, from 4am to midnight. So, I guess a gluten for work would also describe what I am.

I remember a wise man telling me that his motto was "whatever it took to get it hard". Meaning that he would do whatever it took to make his business the best.  And also, surround himself with like thinking associates.

Since I've been selling cars I've been offered a few jobs with less hours and more money but I've turned them down because I like what I'm doing. I especially enjoy meeting people and enjoy it even more when they buy a car. I love working outside except when it's 100 degrees or freezing, but that's part of the job.

Certainly there are days that are very frustrating. When you work with a client for a couple of hours, thinking you have a sale and they decide to leave. By the time I find the key to unlock their ankle strap so they can go for whatever reason they see fit, I've at least made a new acquaintence and you know what, some do come back.

For the most part, my personality is pleasing to my customers because almost all comment on how I must be enjoying what I do and how much they enjoy working with me. My wife has commented that I seem much happier when I get home and she can tell if I've made a sale on how big my smile is.

 I'm continuing my pursuit of making people smile everyday and it seems to be working and to be truthfull, I guess I am  MASHOOGEE.