Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Talk about a hectic weekend, this was it. Our Grandaughter Nicole had her Bat Mitzvah.

We started out Fri. night with a dinner we hosted at her parent's beautiful home for all of the out of town guests, which were many. I think we had about 25 or so, including some of their children. Hal has this group of friends from college that are as close today as they were back then. Whatever the occasion, they come flying. Everyone should have friends such as these.

They come from all over, Arizona, California, Georgia, Florida and probably a few more states that I don't know of. The evening was fun and the food, catered by Will Jenny's was great. They do a beautiful job. Think about using them for your next affair. The deserts however, came from my wife, baker extroadinaire.
As usual, not enough cheesecake. It went so fast that I believe some people weren't lucky enough to get a taste, however I did see one person licking the spatula.

Saturday morning, the EVENT. We all got there early for family photos, taken by Kevin Blayney, who did a wonderful job. If you need a photographer for your special event give me a call and I'll give you his number.

Nicole did a wonderful job and everything went well. Norma and I opened and closed the doors to the Torah and we were superb. Hours and hours of practise really paid off. The lunch afterward also went very well. I don't think anyone left hungry.

The evening party was held at Deer Creek Golf Club and as usual they did their super job. All the kids were in a room far enough away from the adults so the loud music did not penetrate the hearing aids of some of the guests. Again, the dinner and especially the desserts were excellent. The drinks were flowing and everyone seemed to be smiling more than usual. I wonder what could have caused that?

Sunday morning there was a brunch hosted by Barbara and Jerry for the out of town guests before they left for home.

Norma and I had the opportunity to reaquaint with the guys and meet their wives for the first time. What a bevy of beauties.

Kathy and Hal did a great job putting everything together and it showed. The smiles on their faces told us all how proud they are of Nicole and the job she did.

My beautiful Nicole

The weekend came to an ugly end when the Chiefs were embarrassed by the Denver Broncos, but our group had a good time as always being together and sharing our time together.