Friday, March 8, 2013


It took about three years but after anxiously waiting, my membership was approved.

I'm now an official ROMEO.  The Romeos are an eating and social club made up of mostly retired older men. The letters stand for Retired Old Mens Eating Organization. The membership has over 120 and about an average of 80-90 at each luncheon that is held at 4 or 5 different locations in the South part of town.

They feature a speaker at each luncheon that is usually very informative and entertaining. In fact, I spoke at one of the meetings about a year ago talking about my book "Making Happy". Those that stayed awake enjoyed my presentation.

There are two things that happen when speaking to a group of mostly 75 and over men. After eating a good meal it's hard to stay awake and if the microphone is not set to high, many can't hear what's being said.

It's a fun group, I'm glad I'm now a member after attending as a guest for the past few years, I'm now legitimate.

Because of my work schedule I won't be able to attend everyweek but I'll attempt to make the majority. I hate to miss a good meal and spend time with a bunch of really nice guys.