Saturday, April 11, 2015


Tomorrow is a day of sorrow and happiness. An old friend, my age, passed away this week and his funeral is tomorrow. I'm sure that many of our mutual friends will be there and as we try to find familiar faces it reminds us of our ages and who among us will be next.

I had my conversations many years ago with the almighty and I told the voice that spoke to me, I was ready to go when he wanted me since I have lived a pretty wonderful life that's been full of adventure and excitement. 

I'm still here 30 years later and HE chose to enrich my life with Norma and my extended family. We all go through times of struggle and work to make it better as we go about our daily routines.

I've been luckier than most my age because I'm able to go to work everyday and more often than not, come home with a happy look on my face because I've made some people smile, whether they purchased a car from me or not.

Twice this week I've had people that purchased, thank me for making the buying experience much nicer than they had anticipated. They enjoyed being with me and had a wonderful experience during the buying process and the best part was the hug I received from the wives.

The sun is out and the weather is predicted to be in the 70's so hopefully everybody coming in will be in a buying mode.

The happy feeling for tomorrow is the Baptism of my tenth great grand child Luke, Kelly and Tyler Dryden's child. 

The day starts out on a sad note and the cycle of life continues with our new born.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy day. Be sure to tell all your relatives and friends that you know someone that sells cars, all referrals are appreciated.  Ron

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


March is gone and April starts the next quarter. Recapping last month, probably the most important event was the birth of our 10th Great Grand Child, Luke James, to Kelly and Tyler Dryden.

My memoir "MAKING HAPPY" became available on Amazon Kindle and the response has been amazing. I'm still working on my second book "THE NEBBISH", should finish soon.

Connor , my first Great Grandchild had his 10th birthday in March, shown here holding his new brother Isaac, now a year old. The family keeps growing and getting older so fast that it's
hard to keep up with all the birthdays, thank G-d for Norma, she remembers everyone's birthday.

One of my good friends and managers, Brad Pointer has left the company for a position with another brand and I wish him the best. He was a large part of helping make me a better salesperson, even when we dis-agreed, he at least, listened.

March was also a great month for the dealership, we came in first in our city for sales in both New and Used cars. Toyota, a great brand. I'm still enjoying working although I am cutting down my hours, my old body isn't holding up like my brain says it should. 

The weather has finally started to warm up which makes it nicer to be outside and greet our clients when they drive up. They appreciate that we open the doors for them and offer a drink or popcorn. Our store is probably the largest in the area and is kept in immaculate shape. In June, we'll be in this building 3 years and I'll celebrate my fourth anniversary with Hendrick.

Next month, I celebrate another milestone, at least for me, my 80th birthday. I'm lucky that my brain doesn't let me behave my age. I'm still the jokester that enjoys my job and meeting new people everyday. I'll probably stop when it isn't fun going to work. The toughest time of day is trying to roll out of bed without making a sound. When Normie and I get up at the same time we have double oys (groans) in stereo. After reading the paper and checking the obituaries for my name and not seeing it, I can then shave.

Our Wednesday night dinner group is still meeting almost every week  even tho our group has gone from 20 to about 12 over the years due to the deaths of our friends who are really missed. There is not much else happening so I'll say Shaloha for now. Keep smiling.....  RON