Sunday, May 18, 2014


It was my birthday yesterday and I received over 105 greetings from all over the country, yes I counted. I didn't realize that so many people were either on my Facebook or e-mail pages until my phone started binging all thru the day.

It started when I woke up and my wife gave me a big birthday kiss. She always kisses me in the morning but this kiss was special. She had never kissed a 79 year old man on the lips before, I was the first.

When I got to work and attended our Saturday morning meeting I was surprised and pleased that my manager Brad mentioned my birthday to the whole staff and wished me a Happy day. My honey had also baked a sugar free cake that I brought to work and as usual it tasted great.

The weather was nice and it was a good day to be outside, enjoy the sun and naturally I wore a hat (you hear that honey).

About 2 o'clock I saw a couple get out of a Sequoia and walk toward the back of the lot where a few new Highlanders were parked. The new Highlanders have become our hot new car of the year and are being sold as if they were free. The last time I experienced these types of sales was when gas went up to $4.oo + a gallon and the Prius' were flowing out the door.

When the new Rav 4s came out, same thing, on the lot, out the door. Back to the couple. "Hi my name is Ron, Welcome to Hendricks Toyota and your name is?" "We're not here to buy, we just drove bye and thought we would stop and look at the new Highlander."

The young man said he would like to drive the Hybrid and gas model to see what the difference might be. I retrieved the keys for two of the cars and we went for a test drive. After driving both they decided on the gas model and they loved the one they were in since it had an entertainment unit.

"Why don't you come inside and let me give you some numbers in case you change your mind and decide to buy." "As we said, we're just looking, we won't be ready for a few months." "That's fine" I said. "It will only take a few minutes and you can see if our numbers are close enough for you to purchase
since you like the vehicle we were in and there's no obligation."

They agreed and told me they had the time. They lived in a small town about 50 miles from us and came in looking for things for the home they're remodeling, and not a car.

While we were waiting for the paperwork to come back from the tower they told me that if our numbers were OK and the rate, they might re consider.
When the buyers sheet came back they both said, "It looks OK but we're going to go home and think about it." When people decide to leave we have one of our managers come over to do an exit TO, thanking them for coming in and if they had any questions concerning the car or my presentation.

As they were walking back to their car, the woman wished me a Happy Birthday since they heard people saying it to me while they were at my desk.
"How would you like to make this a very special birthday by purchasing this car today" I said jokingly. They looked at each other and said to me, "if you can get the numbers closer to what we want to pay and give me a better rate than my bank, you've got a sale."

To make the story come to an end, they bought the car. While he was in the restroom, she tells me, "Ron, the reason we came back in is because you impressed us with your knowledge of the car, your sense of humor and more than anything, the feeling of trust. I can't tell you how that made me feel, yes I can, it made feel great. I had not only done my job but I had made some new friends.

So you never know, it's always possible to turn a negative into a positive.
It turned out to be a great Birthday.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I'm repeating this older blog because a few of my readers asked me to re-post because they heard about it but never saw it, so that's why it's here again.

About six months ago I needed a fast lunch so I went to the closest McDonald's and got into the drive thru lane.

I was behind one of those old big Lincoln Continentals that had an older couple occupying the two front seats. I was pretty sure of their age group because all I could see were hands on top of the steering wheel but no heads.

They had pulled up to the trash container that has a long snout pointing toward the customers car window. I watched as the elderly lady driving, leaned out the window and was screaming into the opening of the trash container giving her order.

I started laughing uncontrollably while this "you tube" moment was happening in front of me. I was about to get out of the car to explain that she had to move up to the speakers. Before I could exit my car, her passenger car opened and I presume, her husband, walked around the back of the car to hopefully help his wife. This created another non stop laughing  jag that I was unable to control. I was afraid that I would have a wet spot in my seat at any moment. He was screaming even louder and when no answer was forthcoming, he started yelling into the opening. "Are you closed, is there anybody willing to help us?"

I was finally able to stop laughing enough to get out of my car and try to help. People behind me were honking and screaming to get out of line.  I gave that person the finger while still trying to stifle my smile, I walked up to the old man and explained that he was not at the order speaker. He stood there for a moment staring at me as if I was nuts and then started screaming at his wife, telling her how stupid she was. I tried calming him down but he continued his yelling.

He finally got back in the car and they pulled forward to the speaker. The old lady spoke into the speaker but did not place an order. She said something to the employee and they just pulled out of line and drove off, probably from embarrassment.

When I pulled up to place my order I could hear the employee talking to others asking them what she did wrong because the woman had told her how bad their service was and they were never coming back. I told the employee what happened and I heard the whole place start to laugh.

It was nice that we all had a good laugh at some one else's expense but I thought to myself " I'm almost their age and that could've been me" Na, no way, but you never know.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014


I call it a game because it's something I enjoy. I'm fortunate to be able to play my game as part of my job of selling cars for Hendrick Toyota of Merriam.

Before going ahead, I want both of you that read my blog to think of somebody, family or friend, that may need a vehicle and send them my way.

Guessing my age is the game I speak of. I was blessed with my Mother's European heritage of looking younger than my actual age of 79 that happens this month.

As I try to form a relationship with my clients  and find out a little about them, the age thing comes up and when I tell someone, especially with white hair, that I'm older than them and they answer with "no way", the game begins.

Ninety percent of the time, I'm right, because I cheat a little. I've seen their drivers license. Some even attempt to bet me, which I never accept. It does create a sort of relaxed atmosphere and sometimes those people that may have come in with a negative posture about car salesmen, seem to become comfortable with an old man.

Once I get them smiling or laughing at one of  my corny jokes the selling process becomes a little more fun than one of combativeness. That's not to say they accept the first proposal but I believe any negative feelings they had when first coming in, disappears.

 Yes, I enjoy my job of selling cars, but what I enjoy more than anything else, is the ability to make people smile, everyday of my life, as directed by my conversation with the Almighty while backpacking in the Smoky Mountains, many years ago.

Not all of my clients purchase a vehicle from me but I know that those that do maintain a relationship with me and those that go elsewhere still call me to say how much they enjoyed working with me and actually apologize for going elsewhere. 

I always thank them for the call, but after hanging up, I chastize them under my breath. I guess they believe they're making me feel better by calling. They don't see me crying into a tissue.

This blog is short and not very informative but I'll try to do better in the coming months.

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