Sunday, May 15, 2011


On May 7th we went to a KC Royals game. We, consisted of my son Mike, my grandson Brad, his son Connor and daughter Alysia. Count us, four generations plus. 

I really can't explain the feelings that I experienced the entire evening. As I constantly watched them interacting with each other the shivers coursed through my body. It was hard to control the tears that I fought from appearing on my face. I kept thinking of my parents, especially my Dad, when he had taken me to Cubs games at Wrigley Field, sitting together in the sunlight in then,(they are no more) the center field bleachers.

I was so proud to have them with me that I told the lady usher for our aisle, the vendors that came by and most of the people sitting in our immediate area. This was a happening and I wanted everyone to know how lucky I was to experience my great grand kids. I could feel my Dad's presence telling me to enjoy the moment.

During the game the stadium video camera put us on the Jumbo-tron for all to see. One of the people that saw us was another family member that phoned my son to find out our location and joined us for a few innings.

By the way, The Royals won in the bottom of the ninth.