Saturday, April 2, 2016


It's hard for me to put into words my thoughts about my family and my wife's friends. The family members all try to pitch in as much as they can and do a wonderful job.

This blog is really about her girl friends or should I say lady friends. I believe girl friends is more appropriate because they volunteer to help regardless of the time they have to spend. They call and ask,"What can I do today or can I have a day next week."

For years, my wife has been one of those offering her time with friends in need and now she is the one  requiring some help. They take her to lunch or shopping when she has the strength. They will take her for her twice weekly blood draws or five weekly chemo injections, that often turn into hours instead of minutes. But most important is their time they spend with her without feeling that they are someone special and just being a good friend. 

All of these women cannot be thanked enough by myself or Norma. They bring in food so she'll have something to eat even though her taste buds have changed and she eats not nearly enough, but she tries.

Her doctor's nurse is also one of a kind. She communicates when necessary and also when not expected. "How is she doing today?" she will ask. If her Hemoglobin count is low she will arrange a transfusion to help keep her strength up.

I can't really put into words the feeling I have for those friends that give of their time to be with her so I can go to work. If not for her support group I don't know what we would do. She has absolutely turned down having a helper come into our apartment or going to an assisted living facility. Her attitude is great and she is positive that she will beat this terrible disease and we know she will.

Without hurting any one's feelings I have to mention one person who has gone above and beyond. She spends more time with Norma than she does with her own family. She can be counted on with just a moments notice. She is more than a friend, she is truly family and I don't know what we would do without her. Carol W., we love you.

Her oncologist believes we are heading in the right direction so the news is getting better. Most of all, she is asking for something to eat which is a good sign.

Thanks to all of you that care.