Monday, December 1, 2014


It's a little premature but here it is December, the last month of a year that has not just flown , but jetted bye. I was jotting things onto my desk calendar and it seems just like yesterday that I went to Staples and purchased it.

I'm here at Hendrick Toyota still selling New and Used cars and still loving what I'm doing, tho the hours are still a little too much. If I'm not here I miss the opportunity to meet and help guests looking for a vehicle. Normally, in the car business, December is one of the best months for sales, so it's up to me to get my share. We now have 30 salespeople so our internal competition is a little tougher. If both of my readers know of anyone in the market, please remember me.

I've just had cataract surgery on one of my eyes and will do the other next week. I knew something was wrong when I found myself continually cleaning my glasses, and they weren't dirty. Everything is so much brighter with my new lens, and when we're done with both eyes I should be able to go without glasses except to read small print or use the computer. It's so amazing that the surgery is absolutely painless, takes about one and a half hours and you're out the door.

My grandson Brad, who now lives in Grayslake, Ill. just north of Chicago came in for the holidays with his wife Tanya and 3 of my great grandchildren. It was so great seeing them even though it was only for a few hours. 

Brad who will soon be 36 is the one I'm holding in my arms, check out my tan. I can't get over how the family is increasing, 12 grandchildren, 9 great grandchildren and a 10th appearing in March. I am truly blessed.

 The Royals are over after a great season, KU Basketball has started and the Chiefs are trying their best to play themselves out of the playoffs. 

The cold weather we're experiencing now is especially hard on the old part of my body, which is everything on the outside of the skin. It enhances my FFA. At the end of January we'll be heading for our annual trip to our friend Irene's beautiful home on the east coast of  Florida at Singer Island. It's my recharging station so I can keep on going and going.

It's taken about 3 years and I'm getting referrals from previous customers and friends almost on a weekly basis. It is great when a person calls in and makes an appointment, it usually means that they're ready to buy. If the Chiefs would have won yesterday, we would have Happy people coming in today. I remember when Normie and I were in the photo business and the Chiefs would win, everyone was ia great mood.

I've mentioned my wife quite a few times in previous blogs and I can't keep from telling everyone how truly wonderful a person she truly is. She's always there when the kids need a sitter or someone to pick up their kids at school and she insists on taking each birthday child on their birthdays for their special grandma day. But I'm the real winner, not only is she my best friend, the person I love more than anything else but she's the person that I fall asleep with every night on our couch watching television. She is the wife that will not eat supper until I get home, sometimes after 9pm.

My sister Elaine, has moved again, this time to L.A. to be close to her daughters and grandchildren. My sis is really something else. She probably has more Facebook and Twitter friends than anybody I know as witnessed by her latest book signing. It looked like there was close to a hundred people in attendance. Jill Soloway, her daughter, has ten episodes of her Amazon show TRANSPARENT available for viewing and she has already started the second season that Amazon has ordered. 

The sales of my memoir "Making Happy" continue to surprise me as mouth to mouth has created new readers. I'm always happy when I receive a check from Amazon, regardless of the amount.

Until next time, stay well and keep smiling.