Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Returned to work after two weeks at the beautiful home of the former MS CRUEL, Irene Goodman. A beautiful condo on singer Island overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Waking each morning to a gorgeous sunrise and views of the ocean below with fish swimming just off shore, including a few small sharks.

Did practically nada, nothing but sit outside and finish reading three James Patterson novels while trying to absorb some Vitamin D into this old body. The weather was in the 70s and a little breezy on the 14th floor but there's nothing like it.

As usual, we ate at many fine restaurants as if the Russians were in the suburbs. The best delicatessens outside of New York or Chicago. The good news is that everything was delicious, the bad news, I gained 6 pounds.

Today I'm back to reality and freezing weather, too bad I couldn't have brought Florida temperatures back with me.

Last night we celebrated my Grandaughter Kylie's 16th birthday, proving once again that time is moving more rapidly every year. Next week I celebrate my Daughter Ilene's birthday. She was born a week or so after my Dad passed away at the age of 48, fifty seven years ago.

I'm sure that any or all of you that are on Facebook have heard about my Niece, Jill Soloway and her success at the Golden Globes, winning for her Amazon show TRANSPARENT and best actor Jeffrey Tambor and since then a Directors Guild Award. My sis moved to LA at the right time to also enjoy all the applause that her daughters are getting through the show's success.

I was fortunate enough to also catch a few of the KU Basketball games being shown on National TV, what more could I ask for? Winning POWERBALL Jackpot would be nice.