Thursday, June 26, 2014


When you hear the words "Too Much", what comes to mind? Too much of what: too much food, too much car, too much noise, too much crap, too much sun?

Is there actually ever too much of anything? I think so. I always attempt to do too much. I go overboard to make people smile and in the selling arena, I try to make my clients like me. I believe that most do like me, whether they purchase a car or not, they usually leave having had a good experience.

When a client comes in and wants a vehicle that doesn't fit their budget, it may be too much car. We try to find them the right car that they can comfortably afford. Or, in some cases a very large (heavy) or tall person may be trying to buy something that they can't fit in.

When can too much be too much? You have to know when to shut up when you've talked too much, or if you constantly smile, you have to know when to turn it off before it becomes unreal. 

Many people love to talk and no matter how hard you try to end the conversation they keep extending it by asking totally unrelated questions.

Some people do not have friends to talk to and when they come in, they don't want to leave, thankfully those people are in the minority. Most people want to get in and out in record time.

It always amazes me when a person comes in to buy a car and they tell me they only have 15  or 30 minutes to spend. Can't be done folks. 

Over the years I've taught my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to use the phrase when I ask them, "who loves you?" Their response is "you do", I then ask how much, and the correct answer is "too much". This always gets a big smile from yours truly.

I use the phrase every single night as my wife and I go to bed. After our good night kiss we both say "TOO MUCH". nothing else need be said. During our 30 years together, we haven't missed a night.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I speak from experience. I can't believe how old I actually am and all of the places I've been and all of things I've done.

I can't believe that my wife Norma and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary. Where have the years gone? We've been together three decades, doesn't sound so long when you say it like that, until you compare it to the Gettysburg Address when President Lincoln also mentions decades.

Our family has grown during those years and now includes 11 grand children and 9 great grand children, from all our intertwined families.

To say our life together has been good is definetly an understatement, it's better than fantastic, whatever that word might be. We have quite a large group of friends that still hang out together including our Wednesday night dinner group that started over 20 some years ago. We've lost some close friends over the years but the spouses are still part of our group.

We still have our KC Chiefs football group that meets during all Chiefs away games and end the season with a great dinner. Laughter and togetherness is our motto. I always have a great time at these functions even if the Chiefs lose, but not always true.

I just celebrated my 3rd year with Hendrick Toyota and it is indeed a celebration. The people I work with (95%) are great and a pleasure to be around. I remember the day I was hired, seems like only a few months ago, but as it is said, time flies when you're having fun. I call it a celebration because I'm still upright and able to work although I have to cut down on hours so I can continue to work.

This is my 154th blog that I've written over the last 7 years. I've gotten lazier over time and don't write as often as in previous years but when I do, I feel a certain saisfaction that my mind is still functioning, albeit a little slower but still there.

My memoir, "Making Happy" was published 5 years ago this month and those that have read it still call or e-mail me with their reactions. Most can't believe that it's a true story. My second book is taking a little longer then originally planned but hopefully I'll finish before the end of this year.

So what I planned on saying is "Don't wait until tomorrow, do it now, before you know it, tomorrow will be yesterday.

My day is successful when I get someone to smile at least once a day. I hope your day is full of many smiles.

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