Sunday, October 10, 2010


They left Friday morning. It's Sunday and I can't wait until she gets back. My wife and four friends left for St. Louis due to a chronic pain of mahjongitis. The only way for this to subside is to have plenty of flowers or enough tiles to overcome too many jokers.

As you can probably tell by reading this, I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. This is a game played (mostly by women) using tiles that are covered with different sorts of symbols. I believe the game contains serious habit forming chemicals passed to the players (4) as they touch the tiles.

But, the jist of this blog is about how much I missed my wife and I WANT HER BACK. I mean when she's home  and we sit together watching TV  in the evenings we really don't say much to each other. She plays scrabble on her laptop while glancing at the TV and I'm usually immersed in the show. Our conversation is usually limited to when one of us gets up and asks the other "Can I get you anything?" Depending on the time, we'll have a small snack of some kind and resume keeping the mute between us, set to on.

When home alone, I'm constantly on the look for something to eat. I snack all night long. It must be the loneliness. It's too quiet, not hearing her typing on her computer although I actually can't hear any sound as she types. Even tho I knew she wasn't there I still asked her chair if I could get anything when I got up to search for more junk.

I just miss her so much as I look toward her chair and don't see anyone. I should have put her laptop on the chair with her face on the screen and had it pointing to me. It probably would have helped, even a little.

I'm glad the ladies all had a good time even at the expense of my gaining unwanted snacking pounds.  

I had two of the other weekend bachelors over to watch the Chief's loss with me but you could tell, we were all hurting and not from the football game. At least, the next time she leaves, I'll be with her. Hopefully the mahjongitis will be satisfied even temporarily.