Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This question is asked by almost everyone I encounter at my place of employment, HENDRICK TOYOTA.

The second question I get is "How long do you plan to work?"

Third question is "Why so many hours?

All of these questions are asked because of my age. I'll try to answer in the best way without sounding too smug.

To answer the first, "Because I enjoy what I'm doing and I work for a great company." They treat me well and help me when necessary. If it's very cold, one of our great porters will go bring up a car for me. In other words when I do need help, it's available. I try not to take advantage, hoping that my age won't put me into a unwanted bracket.

I remember when I was going around to different dealerships looking for a sales position, even after great presentations, I thought, nobody wanted to hire me. My daughters, after looking at my resume, told me to eliminate the date of my army discharge (1956) and just put in Honorably Discharged. I did just that and was hired very soon after the change.

After figuring my age they most likely thought that I would take too many sick days, not show up or be late. In two and a half years, none of that has happened except for the time I took off for my knee replacement surgery, and even then, I came back two weeks too early.

The next answer as to how long do I plan on working, as long as I can and my health will allow.

The long hours are just part of the auto sales business. If you're not there, your chances of catching a walk in customer are zilch, zero, none.

Being in some sort of sales my adult life and always thinking, no, believing, that I was pretty good, I've come to the conclusion that the car business is one of a kind.

Certainly you must know your product and win the confidence of your customer but in this business it goes a little further before they sign on the dotted line.

I enjoy meeting new people and I immediately try to get them to be at ease while at my desk. Making them smile is the fastest way for them to relax. Once that's accomplished the Shapiro that you all know, goes to work. I naturally, do not sell everyone but I do make a lot of friends. It hurts a little when one of those "friends" thinks enough of me to call and tell me they "Bought Elsewhere," ouch, that really sucks, but I thank them for calling and coming in.

However, I must say that some of those that I've lost have actually recommended me to others in the market.

December, the last month of the year. "Move The Metal" is our motto and I believe this month we will accomplish this task. There is no reason that anyone looking for a car or truck this month can find a reason not to buy unless of course, they don't like me, how is that possible?

To both of my blog readers, have a healthy and happy holiday.