Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is my first of hopefully many more commercial attempts at publicizing something that is a somewhat different than the ordinary.

A knowledgeable car buyer or collector would recognize its worth more than the traditional automotive buyer.

We have in our SUPERIOR TOYOTA INVENTORY A FULLY LOADED ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL  2008 LANDCRUISER. You have to see this beautiful beast to truly appreciate it. It only has about 47,000 miles but still comes with the Toyota Certified Warranty.

You can call me at 913-269-1388 or e-mail me at ron.shapiro@hendrickauto.com. Check out the photo.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I guess that it's been about six months since I started looking for something to do, to keep me off the streets and getting in trouble. My Rapid Peddler business is still going but not as strong as it used to be.

I started going to car dealerships, about 20 of them, filling out long applications, leaving my resume, and I thought great interviews, no luck. Next, I did the same thing with auto parts business' since I had an exentsive auto parts background. Many interviews, no call backs. Was it my deodorant? Was I too short, too old, too ugly, did my wife dress me funny? I couldn't understand what was going on. Did they all know what they were missing?

I changed my resume so that it did not reveal my actual age, maybe that was it. They might have thought I couldn't handle the hours, the stress or the standing long hours.

I then started with photo operations, ie; Costco, Sam's, Wal-Mart, Target, Ritz, etc. I had experience up the yahoo, what's wrong with these people. Hadn't they heard about my wonderful smile, personality and wonderful smell of my roll on? Didn't they know about my networking, my memberships in numerous organizations or my famous author sister? I 'm a whole package.

I had just about given up and thought I would try the ministry when I saw an ad in the Sunday paper in the CAREER BUILDER section. SUPERIOR TOYOTA was looking for sales people that did not have to have previous experience in selling cars. I immediately e-mailed my resume to Mr. Ed Harris, the pre-owned manager who had placed the ad. I attached a note asking him to call me if he would like me to come in for a personal interview. Monday morning he called, an hour later I was in his office. We talked for almost an hour and I found out what kind of a person he his and decided this is the man I want to work for. He was upfront, didn't care about my age but did care about my previous sales experiences and promised to call me back whether he hired me or not.

Two days later I received the call back for interviews with other management. Happy to say, successful. The following week I was hired. Talk about being a dummy in a strange new land but that changed almost immediately. Everyone there was more than eager to help me, what a wonderful crew, the managers, the old and new salesmen, they are a team and I was now part of that team or soon would be.

I was there three days and can you believe, I sold my first car. I loved it, it brought back the excitement I remembered from past business experiences. I couldn't have done it without Brian's help but he made it happen. Walking up to people, introducing myself, hopefully making a friend and satisfied customer what a great high. I think I will do well, not so much for the money but to prove to those (Ed} that he made the right choice. I'll keep you posted.

Please make a note, for a wonderful deal give me a call at 913-269-1388.