Friday, August 30, 2013


Two weeks ago I had knee replacement surgery. The surgeon that performed the surgery is Dr. Jeffrey Salin of the Kansas City Bone &
 Joint group. Surgery was done at Menorah Medical Center. The surgery was successful and the staff at Menorah was terrific.

During the last two weeks, since the surgery, I've lost ten pounds, mainly because I couldn't eat, nothing tasted right, not good or bad but just not appetizing. I wasn't going hungry but I would take a few bites of a meal and felt full. I couldn't or wouldn't eat more.

My wife and I thought, something must be wrong, my diabetic numbers were up and down, my blood pressure was up and down, I was listless, always tired and when I sat down, I fell asleep. But, my knee was healing, it was better by the day. I did my physical therapy as directed and was able to walk with the aid of a walker. Yes, I was on quite a few meds but didn't realize that the surgery and everything I was taking was playing havoc with my body.

I couldn't sleep in my bed since returning home after the surgery, I had to sleep (quite well in fact) on my recliner in the living room. I've since moved back to the bedroom.

Yesterday I had my first appointment since the surgery with my great Dr., Jeffrey Salin (I highly recommend for knee or hip). We sat for quite awhile as I asked and he answered all my questions. The first being, "when can I take off these long white hose, they're cutting off my circulation and leaving deep grooves in my beautiful legs?"

"But you look so good in them he replied", "however since you're on blood thinners, you can stop wearing them". They were immediately removed with a heavy sigh of relief. Do women still wear these hose?

He also said I could start driving next week and go back to work 1/2 days the following week, all good news, two weeks before my scheduled return. "Ron, you're doing well, just be careful and don't overdue it, remember your body is still recovering from major surgery and it's not as young as you think it is. Still pretty but a few years older."

I'm now using a cane but can walk without it. Have to try and remember, down with the bad, up with the good. I have to give kudos to my wonderful wife Norma, the one who waited on me hand and especially foot, pun intended. She helped me with the on and off the hose, putting up with my lousy eating and tried to keep me up as much as possible, both mentally and physically. I know for a fact, without her help I would still be handicapped.

I'm looking forward to my return to work at Hendrick Toyota in Merriam, so for those of you looking for me, it won't be much longer.

In jest I titled this about weight loss in an attempt to promote reading, it did work, but surgery is not really the right way to lose a few pounds.