Thursday, April 28, 2011


My wife and I received an I-Pad as a gift. We've had it about 6 months but the ownership or I should say usership is 90% she and possibly 10% me. I really don't mind that much but the knee pads that I wear when requesting a turn are wearing out. Lately though, she's allowed me to stand when asking for a time slot.

I've been reading downloaded books from the I-Pad during my daily workouts which makes the time seem to go much faster. Well, the reason for this blog is that I made a major mistake a few days ago. I was purchasing a book thru I-Tunes as I normally do but I was on her computer trying to synchronize to the I-Pad.

I must have hit the wrong button during the synchronization because all of a sudden I wiped out her apps. This is the place where your games and sites come from. As soon as I realized what I had done I went into panic mode. I had un synched, desynched, deleted, undid, etc., all of her games.

Wo to me. What could I say, should I man up and tell the truth or claim a lightning strike even though the sun was shining brightly throughout the room. Maybe it was a computer glich, after all they happen all the time.

"Honey, darling, sweety" I said. "I think I messed up your programs on the I-Pad." "Not Bejewelled Blitz!" she said. "I'm afraid so, I've been trying to get everything back, but no luck."

She told me how many points she had and that I had wiped out her best game ever. I tried to calm her down by telling her it was only a game. Shouldn't have said that. I couldn't apologize enough, no matter what I said, it didn't difuse the problem. I guess my days of using her computer for synching or anything else was over. My laptop is the one I had been using so why did I decide to use hers? Old age mental lapse, I guess. 

Now for the good part of the story. My daughter, The Apple whiz and her husband came bye in the afternoon to say Hi. Since he's been working in Washington, we hadn't seen him in over 4 months.

I told my daughter what I had done and the first thing she asked was "you have it backed up, don't you?" I didn't know if it was or not but it seems that when you synchronize it also backs up, to a degree. Long story short, my very bright daughter, who takes after me, got everything back and restored peace once again in our household.

So, if your family is getting ready to purchase an I-Pad, be warned, it's very addictive and you should buy two. My honey has resumed speaking to me again.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Last weekend our shortened group of 15 had our annual football dinner at a beautiful restaurant in Riverside, Mo.

The ambience was beautiful and the service was great. Our single waitress worked her behind off to give us everything we requested on time and served beautifully, all except one dinner that had not finished moving before it was served.

It was wonderful sharing the evening with our closest friends whose homes we frequented during the football season. I believe our group has been together over 15 years. We've lost a few of our members but their spouses are still part of the group.

We laugh a lot, we bitch a little. seldom argue about anything but overall we act like the Seniors we are.  Most of us have aches and pains, some more than others but we still try to get out and enjoy each other's company.

Unfortunately, for the price we paid,  (too much) even though the football kitty paid the majority, the food was not up to previous visits. The food should have tasted as well as the presentation, which was beautiful. Yes, I know it's hard to please a bunch of 70-80 year olds but as much as we eat out, we know good food. Not everyone's meal was bad but all agreed it should have been much better.

The important thing was that we were together and enjoyed each other.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Once a month a group of us, usually about 16 people, evenly mixed of men and women, get together for our monthly card game, at a different home each time.

The women play pan and the men play poker. I'm not a good card player so I usually lose, not a lot, but I'm consistent. I usually have a kitty with a good friend and he wins enough to keep the kitty growing. It's always nice at the end of the night when we split whatever is in our kitty and it brings me back a little.

Anyway, this blog has to do with this last weekend's game. Before I go too much further I'll tell you that we play with a joker and we play high and low so the pots are usually split. One of my very good friends that probably plays at least 3 or 4 times a week and who I consider a good player was having a bad night.

Oh, he was getting nice cards, ie; full houses, 4 of a kind (twice, once 4 aces), pups, etc. He should have been raking it in, right? Wrong, he got beat with straight flushes, higher full houses or straights and so on. I beat him once on one of those unbeatable hands and I truly felt so bad that I apologized. But he, being the gentleman he is, tells me to forget it. I guess when you're playing poker with friends, you can't apologize for winning.

He's still one of the luckiest men I know because he's in love with one of the nicest women I know, one that I once called Ms. Cruel.