Sunday, September 28, 2014


      The brain is a wonderful organ. I wish I had a button to press each morning, ie; Press "A" for getting up, press"B" to remember what you've planned to do, press "C" for smiling, Press "D" to overcome any negatives you may encounter, Press "E" to ensure I sell my first "UP" (customer) of the day, Press "F" for all of the above.

There also should be a magic button to press so you can leave all negatives at work and not bring them home, something I've had trouble doing. Forget any shit that happened during the day. There are those customers that come in the door with a negative attitude, even before they're greeted and stay that way all through their visit. Train your brain to get rid of those people, it's hard to master that function. Don't let those few stay in your head.

Thankfully over 90% of our clients are very nice people. Those are the people that actually need help in making a car buying decision. Those that claim to know everything are the hardest to deal with, their aim is to prove you wrong.

Back to my wonderful organ, yes, I mean the brain, what else would I be writing about? On most days I would press buttons A and B and follow up with my other buttons as the day progressed.

Normally at this time of year our local sports teams take the forefront of the news. The Chiefs, college football and the end of the season for the KC Royals. Not this year, Royals baseball is on everybody's mind (brain). They're in the playoffs for the first time in 29 years and if they win their next game on Tuesday they can go further.

The Chiefs are on Monday Night Football and the whole country (football fans) will be watching Arrowhead Stadium instead of Castle. I hope that I'm home in time to watch.

My brain has been taxed the last month or so due to a new video system that records five shows at once unless you're watching one, then it's only four. That part is great, however, I can't say the same about the rest of the system. Our internet service has been very spotty at times and also non existent. Our phones are finally working but our fax machine doesn't work at all. But, my biggest problem causing major brain aches is that my PIP is not available. Can you believe, a NEW system and no PIP. How can something supposedly the latest in equipment, have no PIP? They also cannot provide any instructions for the new box or the remote, that is different from the previous unit.

My brain just chimed in and told me to relax, stop being a cry baby over trivial stuff. There's so much crap going on in the world and I'm bitching about the inconvenience of my TV reception. Shame on me.

My niece Jill Soloway's show TRANSPARENT premiered on Amazon Prime this week, check it out since I can't get that either.

I'm telling my brain to stop so I can go to sleeeeep. zzzzz