Sunday, March 16, 2014


Every year for the last 10 or so my wife and I go to Florida and stay with our good friend that has the most beautiful condo located on Singer Island. Her home is on the 14th floor overlooking the ocean.

As you enter her place you're greeted by this awesome site of the ocean thru an open design that almost feels like you're on the ocean itself. As you gaze out you can see the fishing and sailing boats, schools of fish including sharks as they pass through the area looking for their daily feeding, no, not humans.

This is our 30th year of marriage so my wife and I decided to include a 5 day Caribbean Cruise to celebrate. We had 5 in our group aboard the Royal Caribbean ship Liberty of the Sea.

Our cabin included a balcony that we opened to include the two adjoining rooms where we had our morning coffee while enjoying the gentle breezes and sunrise on the ocean horizon.

My vitamin D intake colored my body so as to recharge all my included batteries for the next few months. We visited a few islands and took a 2 hour boat trip on one of those stops that was probably the highlight of our trip. It was a great smooth ride on a bright breezy day, the kind of day where the rest of the world is somewhere else.

After returning to the condo we spent the next few days shopping and eating but not always in that order. Returning home I weighed myself expecting a sizeable gain but to my pleasant surprise, I returned at the same weight as before we left. 

On my return to work at Hendrick Toyota I was greeted by all with a very happy that I was back and how good I looked. My tan was very evident and a few months later still there.

Going back to work after such a great time was easy to do and proved to be a great month for me as far as sales are concerned. I worked the remaining 2 1/2 weeks at a RAPID pace that rewarded me with enough sales to get me into the bonus area.

As I've mentioned in previous blogs, my reputation with clients has always been a pleasant relationship and for the majority of time, having fun while making a sale. It's pretty easy to do when selling a great product.

Our GM that we've had for many years decided to go back to his roots in Minnesota and has been replaced by a man with a different but overly friendly personality. I truly believe he's going to build our store into a showplace in the Hendrick organization. In fact, all of the tower managers are intent on helping make those sales that we need to become and stay number one. We've been given the tools we just have to use them.

The weather is finally starting to turn nice enough to spend more time out on the lot without my nipples getting hard. When the sun is out and if KU wins a game, most of our customers, regardless of age, are in a good mood. I really believe the economy is getting better by the crowds we have in our store and by the amount that actually purchase a car. 

My website "" will soon be up and running again but until then, you can log into, type in Making Happy by Ron Shapiro and read a few pages of my memoir.

Until next time, have a great day, stay well and keep smiling.