Thursday, December 3, 2015


It seems like just a month or so ago that we were celebrating New Year 2015.

But here we are a month away from a new year, cooler weather and hopefully a good end of the year in the car business. I've had many clients make plans for end of the year purchases, I just keep calling to remind them.

We're still having massive discounts on the remaining 2015 models i.e.; Camrys, Corollas, Rav4s, Avalons and Prius'. Sorry for the commercial but Mr. Hendrick made me do it.

My niece Jill Soloways show Transparent, on the Amazon network starts it's second season this coming week. Jill is in Germany this week promoting her show.

With all the diversity in my family, we'll be celebrating all the holidays this month. Our table is now the United Nations and it's wonderful. Our grandchildren and great grandchildren are truly experiencing a family of different religions but one God.

The only negative is that my Grandson Brad and his family are in the Chicago area and we don't see them enough. My sister is also now in Chicago but does try to spend as much time with her daughters Faith and Jill.

We're still planning on moving to our new apartment in the Sorrento complex as soon as our new place is ready for occupancy, hopefully before the first of the year.

My life revolves around my work, my family and the sports seasons. Congratulations to the Royals for a fantastic year and maybe the Chiefs can finish strong but now my Jayhawks will take over my
Ybeing, so far they look awfully good.

I'm now in the middle of my 4th year in the car business and my referrals and return customers are coming in asking for me. Most people believe that car salesmen are the devil and hate purchasing a car but those that know me know of my ethics. I will do anything I can to make sure that my clients get a good, good,good deal and I will do anything that's not illegal or immoral to help them although the immoral is negotiable. Kidding, just had to throw that last bit in.

Be sure to check one of the boxes below after reading and have a healthy and happy holiday. Also don't forget, my memoir "Making Happy" is now available on Kindle but if you want an autographed copy, call or email me at "

My father Irv in the 40s, notice the resemblance.