Thursday, July 9, 2015


This has been a tough week. I've lost two friends this week, both to Cancer. My friend Angelo lost his battle this week, his funeral was Wednesday. Angelo was my age, had a wonderful life and a great family. I'm glad that he's out of pain and may he rest in peace.

My friend Sue passed away this week after fighting a return of her Cancer. Sue and her husband Dave were close friends that spent a lot of time with Norma and me. We took trips together to Florida, Hawaii and day trips on weekends. We also spent time at their great lake house in the Ozarks where they invited our group for some great times. After Dave passed away Sue remained with our group for our Wednesday night dinners and our AK football group. She too will be missed but she is back with her wonderful husband Dave.

Work has been hectic as usual but my hours are starting to come down and hopefully soon my average should be closer to 45 rather than 50 hours a week. So all of you that read these blogs, please consider me for your next automobile purchase or recommend me to someone you know that's in the market.

I still enjoy coming to work and meeting new people everyday. For me, that's the most exciting part of this job. I seem to have a good time with my clients even if they don't buy from me. The sad part is that those people that end up buying elsewhere feel like they have to write and thank me, but they bought elsewhere. Not much I can do but congratulate them on their purchase and maybe next time they'll purchase from me.

Last month was a good sales month for me and this month has started out strong, I just have to maintain and keep a smile on my face. One of my good friends, a young lady that is extremely talented (also an author or soon will be) left our company, trying to find herself. I'm sure she will. I wish her the best and hope that she will get rid of her negatives and become more positive.

My memoir "Making Happy" is now an Amazon Kindle book that has finally being read by a larger audience and my new book, a work of fiction should be finished in the next few months. Writing is a great way for me to express myself in a different format and hopefully, when finished I can get it published.

My niece Jill Soloway has started filming her second season of her Amazon show "Transparent" and has also been rewarded by Amazon, to do a third season, what a talent. Jill's sister Faith is also involved with the show as a writer. To think that they started out together doing a parody of the Real Life Brady Bunch at the Annoyance Theater in Chicago also starring Jane Lynch, their good friend and yes I did appear on stage for one of their shows, had four lines and messed those up, but it was fun.

My sister Elaine, the original wandering Jew is moving back to Chicago. I wish her much happiness in this next move.

My KU Jayhawks have been playing and winning in South Korea and to watch these physical games, they should be able to handle all comers this season. And what can I say about the Kansas City Royals, they seem to find ways to win and stay ahead in their division. Sporting KC, our soccer team is also doing great, what a great time for sports in Kansas City.

Until next time, keep smiling and stay well.

Ron or Ronnie or Ronald, call me what you wish but call me.