Friday, April 23, 2010


I came in the door and heard this loud chatter and laughter and I knew it was the Friday pan group, or at least most of them. A few were absent due to a partners health. It's so wonderful to hear the laughter. As you know, if you've read some of my previous blogs, laughter is very important to me. My edict from the one above (I don't mean the people on the second floor) is to make people smile every day of my life. It wasn't anything I said that created the laughter but usually some one says something and the giggles start.
I believe that laughter adds a few years to your life so when the occasion calls for it, laugh it up. I also believe that the togetherness means a lot to a few of the players that have lost their spouses and this group considers each other more than just friends. I've heard that the game was invented by prostitutes as they sat around waiting for clients.
Now Mahjong must be a more serious game, the laughter is slightly subdued. I'm not saying that those of you that play the game don't have a sense of humor, I know you do. You laugh at all of my corny jokes. Keep it up ladies, keep laughing even when you don't quite feel like it. I don't know how the tiles got their names of crack, bam, flower, etc. but it must be something sexual.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


GROUP NIGHT Tonight is our weekly meeting of the stomachs. It's Wednesday night and our bellies are crying out awaiting 6 pm. We want food, we want food. I can hear the bubbling going on in everyone's belly. It's not like we don't eat regularly. It's just that Wednesday night is special. It's a get together, to trade stories of what was said at the pan or mahjong games, to scream at each other across the table due to the ambient noise in the restaurant but probably because most of us have a hard time hearing and lip reading was never learned. Most of us see each other at least once or twice during the week but Wednesday night is like Club Night. It's the In place to be. Major decisions must be made, do I sit next to my wife or across from her. Do I sit with the guys so we can commiserate about The Royals or The Chiefs or just sit somewhere in the middle so I can participate in all conversations. Sitting in the middle also allows me to mingle with both sexes. I can see who is ordering what and who eats everything on their plate as we were instructed to do as children. "The people in Europe are starving" is something we all heard from our parents whenever any food was left on our plates. So here I sit on Wednesday night with my eagle eye (the good one) watching my friends as they fill their boxes to go for the next days lunch. I do the same but I usually dump the leftovers because I forget that I put it in the fridge. In trying to maintain or lose some weight I usually will eat just half of my meal. I was told that by doing this I will satisfy my taste buds and lose weight. I think my stomach has actually shrunk, I get full much faster. I'm sure it's more in my mind than in my stomach but I am satisfied eating less (much to my wife's disdain). She threatens me with closing our kitchen if I don't stop it. I also think my taste buds have changed. Food that I once devoured doesn't taste good anymore, this too I'm sure is all in my mind. However, if the meal is really good, I clean the plate, which brings a smile to her beautiful punum. I told her I would stop talking about how much I'm going to eat and just keep it to myself. So, both of you that read this, keep it to yourself.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


This last week was one of the most confusing weeks of news concerning Pres. Obama's relationship with Israel. Is he pro Israel as he has said many times in the past or has he changed his mind to a Pro Palestinian stance? Many of the articles written proclaim that he is more concerned about building apartments in Jerusalem than Nukes in Iran. The articles mention the past agreements concerning the beginnings of the State of Israel when the Arabs declined the offer to remain in their homes and become an integral part of Israel. They turned it down and left. Now that they've seen how Israel has prospered in everything they've done to improve the land and living conditions, they want to come back. Fine, but stop the shelling and constant intimidation. No where else is Freedom of Religion for all faiths recognized than Israel. Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists, etc. are free to practise as they wish. One article I read (true or not) tells of the GOP overwhelmingly in support of Israel than the Democrats who now support Obama's views concerning Israel. I voted for Obama because I believed and still do, that he was the right person. I hope and pray that all the naysayers are wrong. The one thing that my friends and I don't do, is talk politics. Why risk long time friendships. The basic thing we all believe is that Israel is America's only ally in the middleast. Feel free to voice your opinions.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


This is a story about what goes around, comes around or however the saying goes. It all started after my return from our Florida trip. We had driven a total of 4500 miles including our roundtrip and the trips we took while on our vacation. Everything went well until we returned to Overland Park. You've heard of Overland Park, the city featured on the Showtime series THE UNITED STATES OF TARA, which I'm proud to say, my niece Jill is the Executive Producer.

Anyway, back to my story. I use my van daily for making deliveries to my RAPID PEDDLER customers so I drive quite a few miles on a weekly basis. I had noticed recently after exiting my vehicle that my shoulders and hands were unusually sore as if I had been lifting weights. I thought it was probably from some of the many medications I took on a daily basis that had all of those warnings of after effects that could happen when using. For example I just saw one on TV that said "if you're experiencing chest pains or have recently died because of this medication please call this law firm."

I'm rambling now so back to the En-Tire story. As you've probably already surmised, my front tires were wearing out and I hadn't noticed until someone pointed out that one was lower than the other. I went to many tire dealers looking for a good deal and never found quite the right deal. I tried COSTCO and they actually gave me a pretty good deal if I would purchase 4 tires. I agreed and told them to go ahead. But, they were not in stock and would not be available for at least eight weeks. After checking around with his sources he called to tell me that they are being discontinued. It reminded me of the times when I was in the Automotive business when I would tell a customer what an item would cost and they would say " But your competition is 20% less but they're out of it." I would usually answer with my pat answer " When I'm out of it I'm 40% cheaper."

After calling and visiting all the so called wholesale Tire Dealers I remembered my old friend George Shore of SHORE TIRE in Lenexa. George has long retired but his son Chris is running the show. I spoke to Chris and explained my old relationship with his Dad and told him what I needed. Within 5 minutes we had a deal on a couple of HANKOOK tires. The price he quoted included everything including sales tax, which is unusual unless you ask. Now my little red van rides like a new car and my daily workout on my arms is no more. So, if any of my loyal readers, all three of you, ever need tires, give Chris a call at SHORE TIRES in Lenexa. They have an inventory like none you've ever seen and you can bet they've got just the tire you're looking for. This has been an unpaid commercial. Till next time have a nice day.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


We had our family dinner and again it was great food and even greater attendance. My son, who has only attended one family dinner in the past 25 years surprised us all by showing up. What a great present it was especially for me because it gave us 100% attendance. The kids were noisy as they ran through the apartment but to me it is a noise of fun and thankfullness that all of our grandchildren and great grandchild are healthy and beautiful.

Over the years we've noticed how tastes have changed especially when it comes to chopped liver, once a delicasy, now an overwhelming, "no thanks". They don't know what they're missing. They should only know that it's tradition to have it at Passover just as is Matzoh Balls and Tzimis. The next generation will miss these traditional foods and the heartburn accompanying the consumption.

Our family table is like a United Nations gathering with different nationalities all joining together. Our newest addition is our new grandaughter Tanya and her daughter Alycia stemming from the marriage of our grandson Brad, father of our great grandson Connor. our fourth generation. We now have as part of our extended family my son in law who was born in Uganda and Tanya who is Hispanic. I had a great big smile on my face as I looked around the room at our beautiful mixed family. I feel so lucky and blessed that we live in such a great country.

I remember when we used to hide the afi komen (matzoh) for the kids to find after dinner and the finder would get a dollar. Monday, ten children received a five dollar bill. I wonder who made the new rules? 

We had 25 adults and children which made it pretty crowded but everyone seemed to enjoy the evening. Most left with full stomachs and a lot of tupperware containers filled with enough food for a few more days of belches and gas. If we could just find a way to bottle it, it would probably run our vehicles. All you could hear from the adults was. "I ate too much", "I couldn't eat another thing",  "I'm so full my stomach hurts". Until the desserts were served, a great passover cheesecake and a wonderful chocolate flourless cake.  And would you believe, we finished four bottles of wine, a first for our family Passover. My wife also made enough chopped liver for us to share with some of our friends who all seemed to enjoy the additional cholestral entering their systems. What the heck, it's only once a year, so enjoy. I'm still waiting for my gribness.

Have a great day or even a better one.