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Saturday, December 19, 2009


During the last couple of weeks I've constantly heard the phrase "Where has the year gone?" "It seems that it was only a month or so ago when they turned out the Plaza Lights." Even my adult children are experiencing the fast way that time seems to travel. "Dad, I can't believe you've been married over 25 years." Seven years longer than my first marriage that ended in 1974 after 18 years. "You're going to be how old?"

These last 25 years, with my extended family have been beyond expectation. We've watched our children have children who seem to grow taller by the second and become more beautiful and handsome every day. When each child was a toddler I taught them all my simple phrase. "Who loves you?" answered, "You do", "How much", "too much", and to this day we still use it. Just hearing it brings a great big smile to my face and the fact that they remember. 

Time is a precious thing and it's a shame the way some people abuse it by pushing aside a time in their life to accomplish their goals. After my discharge from the Army I was planning to go back to college to get a law degree. But as a poor excuse and probably a lazy one, I went to work to support my new family instead of fullfilling one of my life goals. Looking back, I still regret that I didn't take advantage of the GI Bill to continue my formal education. It was over 50 years ago and I did accomplish many things that I never knew that I could.

The NIKE ad that says DO IT NOW, is true. Look to tomorrow and do it now because before you know it, tomorrow is here. So as time flitters away, enjoy every day with your family, your friends and make the best of what you have. We've all shared deaths in our families, even more so since we've become the Sr. generation but time goes on as does life. Do away with the petty arguments that keep families apart. Learn to forgive so you can enjoy life without bitterness.

I'm not trying to preach but with age comes a little of life experiences that you hope to pass on to those younger. My biggest problems these days is waking up 3 times a night to relieve myself, it's much better than reverting to childhood and not getting out of bed. Going back to sleep is getting harder because my past life starts flashing through my mind as if I were in a movie. As the expression goes, "It's better than the alternative" The alternative being death or senility. I now have a fourth generation in my family, my great grandson Connor who will continue the Shapiro name. Maybe some day he can look back and see where his family came from and see the resemblance he has to those before him.

I'll end this diatribe with a simple edict to enjoy your life, count your blessings and if your name is not in the obituaries, you can shave.


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