Monday, August 8, 2016


For the last seven months or so I've been taking my wife Norma to St. Lukes South hospital for her Chemo and transfusions.
This blog is a heartfelt thank you to the staff that took care of my wife. I especially want to thank her Oncologist Dr. Gaur and his great nurse Kim. They always gave Norma the feeling that she was someone special and not just another patient. They were always upfront and honest from the very first day. Alyssa in the front office always made sure I received the information requested and followed up.

Two very special nurses also deserve my eternal gratitude for the love and care they showed to Norma, including a personal hug, Michelle and Marilyn in the oncology department on the fifth floor. They could not do more than they did to make her comfortable and at ease during her visits.

Downstairs in the Short Stay department where she received her blood transfusions, a big "Thank You" goes out to Laine and her associates for their great care.

The nurses in the ICU department, especially Jason, were unbelievably caring and professional. I can't remember everyone's name because I'm old but St. Lukes South should be proud of the way their staff represents the hospital.

Norma is now at KC Hospice another great place.

I will try to keep you updated on her condition but she's comfortable and experiencing no pain.

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